2020 Census

The We Count L.A. Census Table



For the 2020 census, L.A. County is facing circumstances that are equally if not more challenging than those of the 2010 Census, and there is a very real possibility of an undercount with serious negative repercussions for Southeast L.A. Through the We Count L.A. Census Table, organizations are able to share knowledge and resources, as well as coordinate outreach efforts with each other and government agencies, with the goal of ensuring a fair and accurate count of all of Los Angeles’ residents. Census Table meetings are held at six different locations throughout the Los Angeles region. The SELA Collaborative hosts the meetings for the Southeast L.A. region.

These events are open to all agencies and organizations who are interested in learning more about the 2020 Census and coordinating with others to align outreach efforts. Our next meeting will take place on January 16th, 2020 at Bateman Hall in Lynwood. Click the button below for full details and to RSVP.


Census Table Goals

L.A. County is facing significant obstacles for the 2020 Census as there are shifts in the federal landscape which are creating critical issues, including changes to federal imigration policy, continued underfunding of the Census Bureau, and and the resignation of Census Bureau Director John Thompson. It is clear the challenges facing L.A. County and Southeast Los Angeles for the upcoming Census are considerable, and in order to avoid an undercount it is necessary for nonprofits, community leaders, elected officials, and government entities to share efforts and align resources.

In light of the challenges and possibilities surrounding the 2020 Census, the goals for the regional census table meetings are to:

  • Share knowledge and resources regarding census-related work happening throughout Los Angeles County
  • Help organizations throughout LA County coordinate outreach efforts with each other, philanthropy, and government agencies, especially the County and City of Los Angeles
  • Create a shared understanding of the issues, challenges, and possibilities surrounding the upcoming 2020 census

We hope you can join us at this meeting to help us work collaboratively to ensure all L.A. County members are counted and represented in the 2020 Census. See the section below for resources you can use to learn more about the importance of the 2020 Census and help spread the word!

Census 2020 Resources

“We need our region to be counted. It feels like our communities are overlooked and with the upcoming Census, it’s an opportunity to bring more funds and attention to SELA!”