Los Angeles Regional Census Table

The SELA Collaborative will serve as a regional sub-convener for the Los Angeles Regional Census Table

Nonprofit Capacity Building

The SELA Collaborative believes increasing nonprofit capacity is critical to empowering the Southeast Los Angeles region

Civic Engagement

Civic engagement and community feedback are key components of our theory of change

Data-Driven Research

We promote data and research focused on the Southeast LA region

Collaborative Spotlight

New blog series highlighting the work and impact of our Collaborative members in the Southeast Los Angeles region

Our Mission

To strengthen the SELA (Southeast Los Angeles) Communities, build collective power, and encourage innovation to drive regional systemic change

Our Priorities

Nonprofit Capacity

We believe increasing nonprofit capacity is the key to empowering the SELA region. Click the icon above to learn more about our nonprofit capacity-building strategy

Civic Engagement

A civically-engaged community is an empowered community. Click the icon above to read more about how we’re promoting civic engagement in the SELA region

Data-Driven Research

Data-driven research serves as the foundation for all our programs. Click the icon above to learn about how we use data to create programming that works for the SELA community

Our Members

Our collaborative consists of a diverse group of nonprofits based in the Southeast LA region who are committed to uplifting our communities

Interested In Connecting With Our Collaborative?

We seek to create an authentic, holistic movement to empower our communities, and we always welcome ideas for partnership. If you would like to collaborate with us to help make our vision of an informed, engaged, and empowered Southeast LA a reality, please click the button below to contact us.

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